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ISO Standards Implementation

ISO Standards Implementation
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Business Management Systems (QHSE)

BUSINESS (QHSE) Management Systems are good, but unless you design and implement them appropriately to fit your specific operational needs they are all but useless. A TOTAL SYSTEM solution to fit your specific need is the key to adding extra value to every activity in your organization. Let PV be your TOTAL BUSINESS PARTNER in ensuring high productivity of ALL your business processes.

If you already have achieved certification, it is essential to keep up with continuous improvement. PV can design and conduct training classes specifically tailored to your needs. Learn to use Productivity Analysis, Process Capability Studies, Cost of Quality Systems, Problem Solving Quality tools, etc. to evaluate your business operations to continuously improve. Be a pioneer in your industry by introducing the concepts of Activity-Based Costing to your industry. Remember, management of quality, safety, or manufacturing processes can only be effective if the systems and people are developed together. It is very important that accurate and reliable data be collected and analyzed. All employees can contribute to that effort.

Training is facilitated if businesses document the job descriptions and work instructions for all functions. The following are some of the primary reasons for ensuring the availability of job descriptions and work instructions:

  • OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) compliance
  • EPA Risk Management Plan (RMP) compliance
  • ISO 9000 / QS 9000 / ISO 14000 / API Q1 (or other similar) Management System Standards
  • Electronic Document Management (EDM) systems
  • Loss prevention and insurance
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Other Regulatory requirements
  • Incidents and near misses
Elements of any Business System

With business practices changing and business environments being re-engineered in the present day global economy, you need a Business Management System that leverages the future. And the internationally accepted BUSINESS (Quality+Health+Safety+Environmental(QHSE)) Management System Standard (ISO 9000 / ISO 14000 / OSHA 18000 series) can be a very beneficial tool for optimizing your business operations.

However, Management Systems are only good if they are designed and implemented to fit your specific operational needs. They must integrate your organization’s needs with your customers’ needs and expectations while at the same time balancing benefit, cost and risk considerations for both you and your customers.

The search for a balanced business system ends here. Panackal Ventures (PV) Consultants can design your business system to integrate all your business processes. Simplicity, flexibility and practicality are the driving forces behind all systems designed by PV. With our help, our clients have achieved ISO certification and embarked on the road to Total Quality Management.


QHSE Business Certification to ISO standards; API Q1 or other similar standards for OTHER INDUSTRIES

  • Joint Commission (JCAHO), etc for the Health Care Industry
  • ISO Automotive Standards
  • ISO Aerospace Standards
  • ISO 29001 - Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries - Sector-specific quality management systems - Requirements for product and service supply organizations.
House Of Quality
Relationship to Other Quality Initiatives
Multiple Management Systems
Elements of any Business System

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