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Time and Attendance

Let PV assist you to automate your scheduling, data collection, exception tracking, calculation of hours, review, editing and approval to facilitate quick transfer of accurate hours to payroll.

Labor Analytics

Let PV facilitate your ability to effectively manage day to day operations, as well as future plans and strategic directions with real-time labor data.

Attendance Tracking

PV can use any of the NEW Technologies and CUSTOMIZE your system. Which you can own and patent as you wish. PV can design the CUSTOM system that automates the monitoring, reporting and actions associated with your company attendance policy.

Benefit Accrual Tracking

Let PV assist your team to configure the Benefit Accruals module to automatically accrue earned time off such as Vacation, Sick, Personal or Paid Time Off (PTO).

Vacation Request Automation

PV can enable your ERP package to be such that employees may make requests to take benefit time, such as vacation and comp time, and review the status of pending requests from an easy-to- use graphical interface.

Employee Self Service

Let PV design your CUSTOM ERP package such that you empower your employees with Self-Service! This custom tool (APP) will give them access to the data they need, such as timecards or attendance details.

Web/PC Time Clock

Let the PV Team assist you to turn any PC/Workstation into a powerful employee time and attendance terminal. Employees can perform any clock function right from their PC.

Mobile (Android™ and iPhone®)

PV can assist with your mobile employees to have the ability to punch IN / OUT from the convenience of their smartphone. GPS location tracking is also an option for added security.

SMS Text Clock

PV can also assist when your employees may not have a smartphone. PV can design an SMS texting service that provides employees without smartphones the ability to perform clock functions via SMS text messages.

Payroll Integration

PV can build custom built interfaces, to experience easy integration to leading Payroll, Human Resource, Scheduling, Access Control, Shop Floor, and ERP Systems.

Other features that can also be synchronized

Quality Control Inspection on the shop floor (and therefore capture COST OF QUALITY); Keeping track of Non-conformances, Corrective Actions; Preventive Actions; Statistical Process Control charts for various products/processes (by machines, etc..); and other related shop floor control needs of a Manufacturing; Fabrication; Production facility.

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