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Supply Chain Engineering


1. Inspection and Quality Assurance Services
"Our Technical associates will assist you in performing the following tasks"

  • Review of contractual requirements.
  • Participate in contractor/supplier design reviews to monitor progress, and evaluate key issues, corrective actions and regularly maintain the status of the project.
  • Participate in or expedite production processes.
  • Review documentation; monitor bill of materials and material reviews which ensure that the product meets specifications as defined in the original contracts.
  • Perform Audits of the supplier prior to the final vendor selection process.
  • Assist with the task of monitoring vendors (part of any supplier certification process).

2. Expediting and production Control.
PV can assist with any Expediting and Production Control activity. The following are some of the tasks that can be performed.

  • Generate Gantt charts to facilitate expediting and production control.
  • Ensure that bill of material requirements are satisfactorily implemented.
  • Monitor the issue of purchase requisition.
  • Monitor the receipt of material related to the project.
  • Ensure that material are satisfactorily marked and distributed to various stages of the production.

3. “Design, development and Implementation” of a Database application for “SUPPLIER SURVEILLANCE AND MONITORING”.

  • As can be seen from the tasks defined in the above two paragraphs, Supplier Monitoring requires a significant amount personnel effort. Let PV simplify the task for all your Supply Chain team. PV can design a database that can be accessed on the Cloud. Enable the integration of this database with APPS created on Mobile phones or Tablets or any other company specified portable device.
  • The charts below shows the “Flow Diagram” that was used to develop a “SPMS” (Supplier Performance Monitoring System). Let PV design, develop and implement such a tool for your Supply Chain Team.
Flow Diagram - SPMS
Flow Diagram - SPMS

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