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ERP Solutions for HealthCare

ERP Solutions for HealthCare
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ERP Solutions for HealthCare

PV HealthCare personnel are usually Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) or Members of the American institute of HealthCare Quality. These PV personnel will possess professional and academic achievements in the field of healthcare quality management.

PV can assist with the following business needs

1. Internal Auditing; Management Reviews and Technical Data Analysis for Strategic Planning

  • Performance & Process Improvement
  • Health Data Analytics
  • Patient Safety
  • Regulatory & Accreditation
  • Quality Review & Accountability
  • Population Health & Care Transitions

2. Training in the TQM process and related Problem Solving Tools seminars

ISO standards seminars

Fishbone Diagrams

Design of Experiments

Team Building

JCAHO requirements

Work/Method Study

Process Capability

Project Facilitation

OSHA & EPA requirements


Process Flow Charting

Six Sigma; SPCc

Change Management


Cost of Quality


5S techniques

Line Balancing

Standard Costing

Relations Diagrams

Linear Programming

MRP & Business Plans

Activity Based Costing

Matrix Diagrams

3. Supply Chain Management

  • Cross Functional Team development and facilitation
  • Supplier Audits; Out Sourcing and Supply chain management

4. Other potential needs

PV personnel can assist in database projects that could synchronize daily activities like Time & Attendance; Attendance Tracking.
Additionally, PV can build custom build interfaces, to facilitate integration to leading Payroll, Human Resource, Scheduling, Access Control, Shop Floor, and ERP Systems.

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