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PV can provide customized ERP mobile solutions for various types of business processes using “Personal Digital Assistants” or SMARTPHONES” or “TABLETS” or other similar devices.

PV LLC can partner with you to design, develop and implement any iOS or Android APPS as you, the client (customer) can dream of. We can partner together with you (the customer) to undertake such projects as a PARTNERSHIP. And make it a mutually beneficial for all parties involved. Our Design Engineers can work with your team to brainstorm and design the APPS that you can market and sell for mutual benefit.


1. Manufacturing Environment

  • Barcoded work order tickets flowing through your shop. With an appropriate device, it is possible to scan and then upload information into the company ERP package. This will provide REAL TIME information to management about the stage of manufacturing. (and assist with answers to customers about the delivery of their products)
  • Use bar code technology to keep track of inventory – In process, Receiving or Shipping inventory.
  • PV can help design, develop and implement Mobile applications that can reduce or even completely eliminate the need for paperwork, because they create a digital data trail that maintains accountability. Example: An App beneficial for Quality Control. With a mobile inspection app, an inspector will have most the HEADER info on the Mobile device (since it is connected to the Main server (ERP database). Since this information is downloaded, chances of errors and mistakes during transcribing are eliminated. The inspector will improve productivity, accuracy, efficiency and timeliness in the task to ensuring that a product meets all customer requirements (including all QHSE standards).
  • The Maintenance function is essential to keep all equipment functioning efficiently. PV can help manufacturers to design, develop and implement mobile apps to make the work order generation process more efficient. Mobile work orders can be sent directly to the technician’s mobile device (including all Job Safety Analysis guidelines and inspection instructions to ensure that the equipment meets company guidelines).

The above is a short list of apps that manufacturers could use to make processes more efficient, cost-effective, and profitable. Simplifying and customizing mobile applications for specific roles within manufacturing processes will help increase adoption and minimize necessary training, ultimately benefiting workers at all levels of the company. Work with PV to make this happen for your company.

2. Trading and other Transactions

  • Enable Payment Collections; Generate or issue Purchase Orders through mobile devices; Process Customer Orders through mobile devices.

3. Educational Institution

  • Facilitate admission and other related processing with the help of mobile devices (connected to the Institution main server, etc.) Data will be synchronized to the main server located in the ware house or admin office.

4. Restaurants

  • Facilitate the task of “taking order” from a customer can be put into an APP on a Mobile device (maybe a SmartPhone) in the hands of the WaitStaff. This order could be directly transmitted to the Kitchen. This will help decrease the cycle time for processing a customer order. And also decrease potential errors.

5. HealthCare

  • The ability to download medical apps onto PDA’s has made it possible for clinical resources to be available to Doctors, Nurses and other professionals in the Health Care Industry, in the Patient room (Point of Care). Examples of such Medical apps -Electronic prescribing, Diagnosis and treatment, Practice management, coding and billing, etc.
  • PV can design a variety of apps that can assist with answering clinical practice and other questions at the point of care (such as: drug reference guides, medical calculators, clinical guidelines and other decision support aids, textbooks, and literature search portals). All the mobile apps designed, developed and implemented by PV will complement all existing technology (computers, servers, etc.). These apps facilitates the processes to improve outcomes at the point of care.

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